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The AWS Mentoring Programme 

The AWS Mentoring Programme demonstrates The AWS commitment to the development of the Associate Member’s magical skill and live performance capability. The aim of the programme is to facilitate, coach and assist the Associate Member with specific regard to their performance of the magical arts.


The programme will enable the Associate Member to develop, practice and ultimately enhance their magical skills should they so desire. Mentoring is a form of personal development whereby a trusted and respected person within The AWS “The Mentor” uses their knowledge, skill and experience to offer guidance, encouragement and support to the Associate Member.


The mentor will be a full member of The AWS who is backed by The AWS Council to listen, guide and advise the Associate Member in full confidentiality. The purpose of the mentoring scheme is to assist the Associate Member in preparing for, and successfully passing The AWS Associate Member Audition. This will enable theAssociate member to qualify for full membership of The AWS and we consider this to be achieved within the first 12 months of Associate Membership.

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