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As someone pretty new to performing magic and even newer at working as a magician I have spent a lot of time looking at myself and how I perform.  A lot of research and seeking feedback from others was key to becoming a better performer and making sure I give good value for money and entertain the people who I see. 


One of the books I read was Tamariz's Five Points in Magic.  Now this is a short book, in fact I read it cover to cover in less than an hour the first time and so will you but then you will read it again and it will take longer as you really start to think about what Tamariz is teaching and how you perform and then you will read it again and again each time thinking back to your last performance and thinking about how you were presenting yourself and ways you could improve.  It is full of brilliant advice on how to engage your audience, using what he calls the 5 points: The Eyes, The Voice, The Hands, The Body and The Feet (yes the feet).

There are a small number of effects in this book but that is not what you are reading if for, its the lessons in performance that are the real gold in this book.  We cant all be like Tamariz but his advice on how to perform will apply to anyone's style and even if you only read it once you will think about ways you can apply his teachings to your magic.  Its not cheap but in my opinion its worth every penny.

Adrian Tritton

I will keep this one short, if you haven't listened to these click on the picture and start listening now.  This must be one of the biggest and most accessible font of information and advice out there.  With 100 episodes interviewing the biggest names in magic in a relaxed, enjoyable and funny way you cannot fail but learn from the combined experiences of all these working pro's.  

Most importantly ITS FREE click here to get started

Adrian Tritton

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