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We are excited to announce that our first contribution to this page is from no less than Ben Williams.  Ben is one of the most creative guys out there at the moment.  He is known for inventive magic with every day objects.  Ben has been touring the UK with his lecture alongside being a busy working pro and has already got a Murphy's At The Table and Alakazam Academy under his belt as well as lecturing at the Magic Circle.

Ben has been incredibly generous and offered all our members one of his best products "Anything".  This is a prediction routine that allows you to predict practically anything.  Its easy to do and uses no peeks or impressions.  Trust us you are going to love this so click on the image and start learning this today (password: gnihtynA).  Please remember this is for our members only so we know you wont share it with anyone outside of the AWS.

This is the sort of thing we are working hard to bring our members and we want to thank Ben for the support, whilst you are checking things out click on his head shot and see what else Ben has released, there is some gold here (Impression, Gimmick it yourself and Labelled are 3 that stand out for me) so subscribe to his mailing list buy and some of his products, you wont regret it.

Our latest members exclusive is an essay on approaching tables by the one and only Wayne Fox.

Wayne Fox has been a professional magician for over twenty five years. He is proud member of the world famous Magic Circle. Not only is Wayne a member, in 2015 he was recognised for his contribution to the magical arts by the highest authorities. The President of The Magic Circle awarded him the title of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’. In addition Wayne also received the coveted ‘Gold Star’ for his elite level of performance. 

Enjoy this essay by Wayne full its full of great advice for anyone performing magic.

Michael Vincent's Recommended Reading

Following Michael's brilliant lecture we have this little extra from the maestro himself.  If you want to know where to start your journey on card magic (or to take it to the next level) this document will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Having fooled everyone in the room in his fantastic lecture Marc Paul has also shared a special extra for our members click the button and enjoy the genius of Marc's routine "Playtime"

John Carey generously allowed us to record his virtual lecture for all members to enjoy at their leisure.  Take advantage of this great offer and learn from one of the most creative minds in the business

The one and only Etienne Pradier gave a virtual lecture to the AWS.  A great evening full of magic and that special Etienne style

A fantastic night was had by all who attended the Alakazam evening. Brilliant hosts showing some great magic.

One of the greatest street performers in the world shared their advice, stories and magic with us all the way from New York state.  Check out the full lecture

I think everyone who joined this virtual lecture thought it was one of the best we have seen.  Some great tricks demonstrated but even better was the presentation on creativity and how to create your own magic.

Mike Sullivan gave us a great show demonstrating lots of DTriks unique effects.  As well as a bit of information on the equipment and software needed to set up online shows. We can only keep this one live for a month so dont miss it

An enjoyable evening with Kyle who showed us some of his great material, give it a watch and learn a few things

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